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Gain a competitive edge by offering customized consumer offers. You only pay for the clicks that lead to a sale and you'll receive a thorough analysis of your campaign performance.

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Cashback Rewards and Íslandsbanki

Do you want to reach a specially selected target group among tens of thousands of customers of Íslandsbanki and Meniga?

Cashback Rewards enables companies to advertise their products and services through data-targeted marketing directly to potential customers.

Concise and efficient

Save marketing money and reach out directly to those most likely to shop. You only pay for the clicks that lead to sales so you know your marketing dollars are being put to good use.

Simple and electronic

The offers go directly to the customers' phones and happens online which means that there's no change of procedure or extra work for your staff.

Measure in progress and post campaign

The effectiveness of each campaign is measured so that managers can assess the real impact of marketing efforts based on data.

Reach the right customers with the right campaign

Do you want to increase customer volume, increase business with existing customers or reach dormant customers? You can target your marketing audience and offer different discounts depending on the target audience.

General offer

Reach all Meniga users and / or Íslandsbanki's customers.


Re-establish contact with those who had once done business with your company.


Reach out to those who have not traded with you in 2 years or more.


Strengthen your relationship with the most loyal customers and reward them.

Value added

Nurture existing customers and give them incentives to increase business.

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