Where do you stand among your competitors?

Gain a crucial competitive advantage through a detailed market report that analyses the actual consumption of tens of thousands of Icelanders.

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Market Insight reveals your competitive position in the market

Gain a competitive edge with key information and data-based metrics that are easy to track from month to month.

The report is based on non-identifiable data on buying behavior of tens of thousands of consumers making the information accurate and invaluable.

Monitor key sales figures

Monitor key sales figures and benchmarks over the last 12 months based on actual data from customers.

See how you stand among your competitors

What is your market share compared to competitors? What is the number of customers behind the share and how often did they shop?

Customer buying behavior

What is the average transaction amount or how much time passes between customer visits.

Development of market share

How has your market share developed over the last few months? Have marketing efforts been successful?

Composition of your customer group

Is there a group of customers you could better serve or could you appeal to a specific group?

"The report allows us to see our position in relation to our competitors. It is important to be on our toes in a fast market and it is great to get detailed information on the development of consumer behavior so that we can respond appropriately."
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Sigurður Máni Helguson
Director of Brauð & Co.

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