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How do I link my spouse's accounts and cards to Meniga?

We recommend that cohabitants use Meniga together in order to have an overview of all household finances in one place. If you want to access your spouse's accounts, both parties must be registered users on Meniga.is.

To connect users, select Settings > User. There you select "Merge with another Meniga user" and enter the spouse's email address and password. Finally, enter your password in Meniga and confirm. Then all the cards and bills of the household will appear on your shared access to Meniga.

Please note that this option is currently only available on the web and is not available in the app.

Why are me and my spouse required to have separate Meniga accounts if we want to have a combined budget? 

For security reasons, we always recommend creating your own Meniga users, connecting your accounts to your user, and then connecting your users rather than connecting all of your accounts to one single user. In the case of a separation, you can simply disconnect your users from your settings. A Meniga user should always be able to decide when and with whom they share their financial information.

Can I enter income and expenses that have been paid in cash?

Yes, you can enter entries that do not appear on your accounts or cards, e.g. when you receive income in cash. Entered entries are displayed as entries in a special account called "Wallet". You can register a new entry by selecting the big red plus on the top right under the "Entries" tab.

How do I change my email address and password?

Select the Settings and User tab. There you will be asked to change your email address and/or password.

Can I link all my accounts and cards to Meniga?

Yes! Accounts and cards that you connect to Meniga from Arion Bank, Íslandsbanki, Landsbanki, and Kreditkort are updated automatically, but accounts and cards from other banks have to be manually entered into your Meniga account.

What are the rules?

Rules are an activity that monitors new transactions and alters them based on previous conditions set by similar transactions in your purchase history. Attributes that can be changed by rules are e.g. date, labels, classification, etc., It is also possible to divide transactions by rules between two or more categories.

How do I delete my Meniga account?

To delete your access to Meniga, go to Settings > User where you will find the option to delete your account.

When I delete my access to Meniga, will it delete all of my data?

Yes, all user data is deleted.

How can I change the number of notifications I receive?

To change notification settings, go to Settings > Notifications where you can select the types of notifications you receive.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Click on Login in the top right corner. Select "Forgot password", enter the email address you use to log in to Meniga, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to create a new password.


Why do some transactions appear in the wrong category?

Most businesses are classified according to their main activities. When a business offers a variety of services and goods, e.g. a store that sells both groceries and clothing, it can be difficult to find one category that describes the entire business. If an entry is incorrectly categorized according to your purchases, you can change your category by simply clicking on the category and selecting the correct one. Meniga will remember these changes and will update them accordingly for future purchases.

Can I move transactions between categories?

Yes, select "Transactions" in the main menu and select the transaction you want moved. Click catageory and select the new category. We move the most likely categories to the top.

Can I delete transactions?

Yes, select "Transactions" in the main menu and find the entry you want to delete. Hover over the entry and click the 3 dots to the right of the transaction, then select delete. Note that a deleted entry cannot be undone. If you want to remove a transaction from the account without deleting it, select the option "Omit from the accounts".

Can I recall a post I deleted?

No. However you can always find a transaction you deleted in your online bank and send it to Meniga by selecting the "Transaction" item in the main menu and clicking on the red plus at the top right.

Why are some of my posts crossed out?

If an entry is crossed out, it is not included in the accounts. This is to prevent transactions between your own accounts and credit card deposits from being doubled. Entries you have chosen to omit from accounting are also crossed out.


Accounting does not give a true picture of my situation, what causes it?

The most probable reason is that the salary, which belongs to the next month, has been paid out before the end of the month, the same can apply to various expenses, ie. that they have been paid in another month than they belong to.

Other questions

Does it cost anything to use Meniga?

No, you get access to the Meniga service free of charge.

How does Meniga get income?

Meniga primarily receives income in two ways:

First, by negotiating with financial institutions, usually banks, on usage fees for Meniga software. These banks can offer their online banking users all the main functions of Meniga. The vast majority of Meniga's revenue comes from foreign banks that have purchased Meniga's software.

Second, Meniga earns revenue by negotiating with companies to provide Meniga users with a custom refund offer that Meniga believes serves the interests of its users. Meniga receives a fee from companies for the refund offers that Meniga.is users take advantage of and for giving companies access to non-personally identifiable summaries from Meniga's systems that show users' consumption behavior.

Security and privacy

Security and privacy

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Öryggis- og persónuverndarstefna Meniga

Is this safe?

Meniga currently operates in more than 30 countries and more than 90 million users have access to Meniga's systems through 165 financial institutions. Meniga's growth can be attributed, among other things, to an overemphasis on data security and the fact that personally identifiable information will never be passed on to third parties. It is worth mentioning that Meniga follows at least as strict security rules as banks in Iceland and is in fact safer as it is not possible to make transfers from bank accounts in Meniga, only get an overview and overview of household finances.

Can anyone other than me access my information on Meniga?

No, data security is guaranteed in a variety of ways on Meniga's website. First, the Meniga website is technically as secure as the websites of financial institutions. Secondly, Meniga does not know who the user is (does not ask for personally identifiable information). Thirdly, Meniga only has read access to users' accounts, so it is not possible to make any financial transactions on Meniga.is. Fourth, Meniga guarantees the handling of all user information.

Is my data in the hands of a third party?

No. It will never happen. All analyzes are performed in a non-personally identifiable manner. Companies never receive and will never receive information from Meniga that can be traced to individual users (they are always impersonal). Companies get these non-personally identifiable summaries to know how many people took advantage of the rebate offers that companies offer. Companies are also available to purchase non-personally identifiable summaries and summaries of consumer behavior in the Meniga system.

Refund offer

In general

Where does the refund come from?

The refund comes through Endurgreiðslutilboð ehf. Further answers are provided by Meniga's employees via the e - mail address hjalp@meniga.is

What are Refund Offers?

In Meniga you get a custom refund offer and can thus get part of your expenses reimbursed.

What do I need to do to get a quote?

To be able to receive offers, you need to link all major accounts and cards to Meniga. The offers will appear on the meniga.is website and in the app. If you are interested in taking advantage of the offer, you activate it and are subsequently asked to accept the terms, if you have not already done so. Then you shop where the offer applies and you get the refund paid into an account of your choice. In short: you activate, shop and get a refund.

How do the offers in Meniga work?

The refund offers are customized offers that Meniga users can take advantage of in three simple steps:

1. You activate an offer displayed in Meniga - the discount applies to all your cards registered in Meniga.

2. You pay full price at checkout when you shop - no need to cut, remember or show. Employees do not need to know that you have an active offer.

The discount is refunded to users on the 18th of each month - you see the discount uploaded to Meniga and you get the accumulated discount from the 22nd-21st. of the month prior to the transfer to your bank account. All you have to do is activate the offer and enter a refund account.

My credit and refund

Will my credit expire?

We try to do everything we can to prevent that from happening. We automatically send users a refund on the 18th of each month, provided that the user has registered a bank account and ID number. Failure to repay within the allotted time, e.g. because the bank account no longer exists, Meniga will look for ways to track down the user in another way and pay the money to the person. If this does not work, Meniga will keep the money as per the general rules on limitation.

I'm importing posts into Meniga by uploading them 'manually'. Can manual entries collect a refund?

No, documents that contain transactions that are 'downloaded' from a bank's website and then 'uploaded' on Meniga's website are not eligible to collect a refund. The same applies to 'Wallet' entries created by users in the system.

If I take advantage of an offer - do I always get a refund?

Meniga makes an agreement with all companies on the discounts they pay to users. In many cases, companies pay in advance, but in others it is agreed to pay based on the utilization of repayment offers. If an agreement is made to pay after utilization and the company refuses to reimburse users for the discount they have agreed to provide, Meniga will use all available means on behalf of users who are likely to succeed, in order to collect money from the relevant retailer if necessary. and inform the users concerned of the progress of such cases, as far as possible.

What happens to my offers if I quit Meniga? Especially the offers I have activated and collected a refund on?

When you delete your user, Meniga deletes all your bank connections, all accounts, transactions and other settings. All bids will therefore be deleted. In order to pay for the discount and to be able to provide information on which payment orders were issued to pay out the discount, Meniga will withhold information related to the collection of offers for payment orders and refund invoices.

This is also necessary to be able to pay a discount after the user leaves the system. This information is stored for as long as required by accounting law. When a user quits and has a refund, it is therefore necessary for him to make sure that he has submitted a refund invoice, because without it it can be difficult to pay out the earned refund.

Collect non-submitted transactions when bidding ends?

Yes, it is okay for entries to be submitted a few days after the offer ends as long as their entry date is within the offer deadline.

What if I add a card to Meniga during an offer, do I collect a refund for the transactions that apply to that card?

No. transactions of all eligible cards are only considered if the cards were linked to Meniga before the transaction took place. It is therefore important to link cards to Meniga as soon as you receive them.

Who gets what offers?

Can I get the same refund offer my friend received?

Possibly. You can increase your chances of getting a good refund offer by registering all your cards and accounts in Meniga. We can not promise that you will get the exact same refund offer as your friend, but if you have a similar consumption history as him, you should receive a similar offer. For further explanation, Meniga will approach companies and offer them to give different consumer groups a rebate discount that matches their consumption patterns. In some cases, companies are willing to make such offers to only a few users, but in other cases much more.

What do I need to do to be considered a "loyal customer" of a store to receive a refund offer?

If you shop often and a lot at a particular store, you are considered a loyal customer. It can vary from store to store depending on how often and how many others shop at the same store, how loyal a customer you are considered to be according to Meniga.

My friend gets a much better refund offer in a clothing store that I shop at a lot more often than him, how can that be?

All Meniga refund offers show why the person in question is receiving the discount in question. In many cases, companies are willing to give consumers who have seldom or never shopped with them a big discount for a limited time to increase the chances of them trying out their store. In the same way, there is a good chance that other clothing stores that you do not shop at will try to compete for your business and offer you a high discount.

Companies that offer discounts

Which companies offer Meniga.is users a refund offer?

All companies are offered to provide Meniga.is users with special refund terms, provided that Meniga considers it to serve the interests of users.

Do I need to show staff something in a store that offers a discount?

No. You do not have to show anyone that you have a refund offer in the store and it is not even certain that the store's sales staff knows that the store has offered a refund offer. You simply activate, shop and get a refund. Whenever you make a purchase, there will be an entry that will appear in your online bank and Meniga. When the entry is entered into Meniga, you will see how much discount is recalculated and when it will be transferred to your account. In general, debit card transactions appear in real time (immediately), but it can take several days to receive credit card transactions in both the online bank and Meniga.

Spouse connection and refund

My wife and I are connected to Meniga, can we both take advantage of the discount?

Yes. Users who are connected in Meniga are considered as one user when it comes to refund offers. If you and your wife receive a refund offer, it is because your joint expenses are in line with the consumption patterns that a company has decided to offer a refund offer. This means that whether a card registered to you or your wife is used to shop at discount companies, the discount is jointly charged into one one-off payment, which is paid out monthly. If you were not connected in Meniga, it is unlikely that you would continue to receive the same refund offer as you did not necessarily fall under the same consumption pattern.

Other frequently asked questions

Now it's expensive to shop with companies and even though companies offer a refund, does that mean I always save by taking advantage of offers?

Meniga strives to offer you offers that help you save. In some cases, however, you may be offered discounts from stores that sell goods at a higher mark-up than the stores you already shop at, so it is not certain that you will save by transferring your business to them. We put a lot of effort into hearing experiences from our users. If you have received an offer that you do not think has been to your advantage, we would like to hear from you and try to better understand how we can improve the service.

Why should I not activate all the offers that are offered to me?

Of course, you should do so, if they apply to you, which is always our goal. In addition, there is no obligation to activate a bid. If you do not envisage using a particular offer or are not interested in the company in question, you can reject the offer or simply expire it. It helps us learn more from the system and provide you with more relevant offers.

I accidentally declined the offer, what can I do?

It's simple, you simple activates it, as long as it has not expired.

Can I get a discount in stores outside Iceland?

No, only transactions with Icelandic companies will collect a refund, unless otherwise stated.

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